Commercial Christmas Hardware's All Application Clip - the best all-around light clip on the market today. Its universal functionality offers a single-source solution for any seasonal lighting application.


   All Types of Lights - designed to work with most commonly available types of seasonal lights. Standard C-set fits easily, yet firmly into the holder, and the clip converts easily to hold mini lights and icicle strings.

    • Universal Mount - attaches easily to rain gutters, under shingles or on tile roofs

    • Innovative Design - in addition to its multiple applications, the All Application Clip features a unique "fin" along the back of the clip, providing a gripping surface for the installer during installation, resulting in fewer drops and added speed.

    • UV Stabilized Poly - Like all CCH products, All Application Clips are made in the USA from top-quality materials. Get season after season of reliable use without degradation from exposure to sunlight.







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